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As with a wall that has been exposed to the sun, the surfaces within the room will start radiating heat energy. After the sun has set, the wall referenced abovewill still be radiating the energy that was ab‐sorbed and stored; this is the best example how far‐infrared works.   
Because far‐infrared does not heat the air, there are very significant energy savings over tradiitonal
sys‐tems.   This is why: The invisible light or “heat energy” is bouncing throughout the room, eventually col‐liding with all surfaces in the room, as a result, everything in the room heats up. Because we do not heat the air, the difference between floor and ceiling temperatures within a room is usually less than 2 degrees.  No excessive hot air stacked at the ceiling means no unnecessary losses. 
In France, where electric far infrared is very popular, tests have revealed that when far‐infrared panels are installed on the ceiling, more than 80% of the electrical energy is converted to radiant energy, and less than 20% (building dependent) becomes conduc􀀁ve losses and
convection, making it the most effi‐cient heating system on earth, second to none.   

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This was confirmed in even greater detail in a study conducted by the University of Kaiserslautern, a well‐respected research authority in Germany. The university did a comparative study between two identical homes, the first with natural gas‐based system with water as the transport medium and wall 
“radiators” (convectors), the other with electric radiant panels (made by one  
competitors); their conclusion, based on actual energy used to create a comfortable environment, was that far‐infrared provided a 50% energy savings over traditional convection systems averaged over the heating season.   
Their opinion is that at 20%‐50% would be saved in energy in 
any installation; depending on a building’s insulation/condition.

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The sun, which is the world’s oldest source of infrared heating contains a wide radiant spectrum; it ranges from the soothing, therapeutic and healthy far‐infrared warmth, to dangerous and damaging near infrared and ultra violet wavelengths. The sun’s rays travel a great distance through space without requiring a medium to transfer its energy (radiant energy requires no ducting).   
Far‐infrared radiant heating technology operates in the healthy and therapeutic “long
wave‐length” part of the sun’s spectrum (7,000 to 10,000 nanometers, or 7‐10 micrometers). 
Far‐infrared is “invisible light” which can be found outside of the visible light’s spectrum. 
Invisible light at 7,000‐10,000 nanometer wavelengths does not collide with the air molecules in a room; as with a standard flashlight, the far‐infrared light simply passes through the air.  Hence, the air is not heated.  
When the far‐infrared light collides with surfaces (including people and objects in the room) a portion of the invisible light’s energy is absorbed (causing the surface to heat up slowly) and some are reflected.  The reflected light will eventually collide with another surface/object and heat this up as well, until all of the bouncing heat energy has been
absorbed.  This process will continue until the thermostat reaches its pre‐programmed setting and switches the heater off. 

Low‐mounted installation in a new home; the low‐temperature panels are designed and approved for use at any level or angle.

Our systems convert 100% of the consumed energy into heat-energy; the vast majority is converted into energy-efficient, healthy, radiant energy. Far- infrared is by far the most efficient and healthy heating method available on the market today. Traditional gas-fired forced air and oil-burning heating systems operate throughout an antiquated combustion process that emit harmful chimney pollutants and exhaust into the environment.

Far-infrared heating systems operate free from harmful combustion processes; provide simple and direct radiant energy without any of the traditional heating methods’ waste and pollution.

Our heating system can be found hot‐yoga studios, schools, offices, homes, etc.  They can be installed as primary or supplemental heat‐sources; energy savings range from 12—50% over traditional heating methods.  The company’s personal comfort systems allow individuals to fine‐tune their comfort‐zone at their desks, eliminating arguments over thermostats in both Winter and Summer.

Far‐infrared heating explained by far the most

efficient heating technology, is radiation