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Bring the warmth of the sun inside your Home

Available in 120 Volt, 208 Volt and 240 Volt, Far Infrared also offers a size options as well.

120 Volt Options:

PR2424-120: 24" x 24"; 400 Watts; 4.5 Amps 
PR2448-120: 24" x 48"; 750 Watts; 8.4 Amps 
PR4242-120: 41.5" x 441.5"; 1100 Watts; 12.4 Amps 

240 Volt Options:

PR2424-240: 24" x 24"; 400 Watts; 2.3 Amps 
PR2448-240: 24" x 48"; 750 Watts; 4.2 Amps 
PR4242-240: 41.5" x 441.5"; 1100 Watts; 6.2 Amps 

  • White to blend seamlessly into any room
  • Utilizes thin film technology and advanced infrared energy for efficient heating and easy application
  • Energy can be stored at night and released during the day, saving on utility costs
  • Can be installed in tight, often inaccessible areas.
  • Use as a wall mount or ceiling mount
  • Uses for Far Infrared panels include: Residential applications, commercial buildings, industrial complexes, places of worship, recreational vehicles, hospitals and much more
  • Produces 80% heating efficiency over typical electric baseboard heat when ceiling mounted and 60% heating efficiency when wall mounted. Baseboard electric heating produces 30-40% efficiency.
  • Causes no air convection or dust circulation: Great for allergy sufferers
  • Safe to touch: Operating temperature around 200°, which is deemed safe by the regulating agencies
  • No plumbing or air ducts required, just plug into a regular outlet
  • Prevents moisture build-up, eliminating mold.
  • Ecologically Sound: Made with recyclable materials and product is 99% recyclable at the end of its life cycle
  • Basic options for controlling the heat with an AC wall plug:
  • Plug in the panel when you want heat and unplug when finished
  • Have panel plug into wall outlet controlled by wall switch
  • Timer plugged into wall outlet with panel plugged into timer
  • Wall outlet thermostat with panel plugged into thermostat

Far Infrared flat panel heaters can be used in both residential and commercial applications and work by just plugging into an appropriate outlet.

With no moving parts, the heaters work silently and are made completely with recyclable materials. Ecologically sound, these heaters are expected to have a lifespan of upwards of fifty years, and they are made in the USA.

Far Infrared heating panels can be installed individually or as a system in a ceiling or wall mount installation. An individual unit can be simply plugged in and operated by either the on/off switch or a thermostat. A system is typically installed with a thermostat and relays to control the panels.

Far Infrared Features

Hot Art Picture Panel in Living Room, chosen from one of our 300 Designs we carry.

Infrared energy is an extremely efficient way to heat your indoor space. It converts electricity into usable heat that radiates out into the room, similar to the way the sun warms! Infrared energy heats surfaces such as floors, walls, and other objects contained within a given interior, not just the air surrounding them. Because infrared technology works to heat actual objects and not just the air, heat does not escape when doors or windows are open, but remains contained throughout the room. Your home feels comfortably warm throughout the entire day, with no wasted energy. Because of the infrared technology and the silent operation of Far Infrared Heating Panels, they are a great installation option for Hot Yoga studios.

Bathroom ceiling installation - 240 volt power with thermostat.