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What is the difference between a "Fake" and a "Far"-Infrared Heater?

Fake Infrared:

When purchasing a far‐infrared heater there are many things to consider.  With hundreds of companies claiming to sell far‐infrared or infrared heaters, few actually are far‐infrared heaters, most are scams. 

The market is flooded with “non‐infrared heaters” yet many people are fooled into believing they purchased an energy‐saving (far) infrared heating device, while in 
reality, they purchased a $2 Halogen/quartz light bulb that runs so hot that it produces “near‐infrared”.  Near‐infrared is able to “excite” the air molecules which creates “heat” (hot air) around it; next, a $3 fan blows the heated air into space.  The hot air rises just like with any convection heater and if the room has high ceilings the “heater” won’t contribute anything.   To dress it up, manufacturers add a fancy cabinet.  

In reality, these people who believe to have purchased a state of the art infrared heater just have been scammed into purchasing $5 in parts and a fancy cabinet for a simple, if not useless, convection heater. 


Scentific exploration and testing over the past century provided us with the evidence of what a far‐infrared heater is and how the far‐infrared energy “light” passes through the air.  Because of its 
wave length,  far‐infrared waves travel around the air molecule; it has virtually no ability to collide with and excite the air molecules.  Because it is able to travel through the air, the far‐infrared waves will collide with the surfaces it encounters and this inturn is able to warm up these surfaces, people, and/or animals within the space.   

Much research on safety and performance has been done by scientists such as 
Boltzmann, Planck and others; relevant information can be found on the Internet; far‐infrared heating is the most efficient way of “heating”. 

True far infrared heaters produce invisible light; the wavelength of this light is related to the heaters’ surface‐temperature.  True far infrared heaters operate from slightly above room temperature to the temperature of boiling water (212 degrees F or 100 degrees C); on the other end of the infrared spectrum are the heating elements that glow (2200+ degrees C); these emit dangerous “near infrared” energy (examples are 
heat lamps
, heating coils, gas infrared heaters, etc).  Exposure to near infrared is known to cause eye damage (cataracts and retina damage) as well as skin damage, burns and even cancer due to tissue burns. Far‐infrared has been proven safe for people and animals; prolonged exposure is very healthy and only benefits have been identified for infrared operating at 7,000‐10,000 nm.  This is the therapeutic part of the sun’s spectrum.