Eco Sun Limited

Bring the warmth of the sun inside your Home


Eco Sun Limited is a Canadian Distributor.   We are located in Lagoon City, Brechin, Ontario.  When our family moved here our electrical heating costs were through the roof.  All of the Condo's in this area were built 25 years ago and most are heated with electric baseboard heaters and gas/wood fireplaces.  I researched products available to enable us to reduce our electricity costs and provide a safe environment for my family.  

With my 22 years experience in Electrical Communications installations, I knew there had to be a solution.  

I spoke to the owner of a large manufacturer in the US as there was nobody in Canada.  I was enthusiastic about the potential electric savings and health benefits of the far infrared panels had to offer.  Before we knew it ECO SUN was launched.  In the past 12 months, the demand for the far infrared panels and smart wifi thermostats has been outstanding.

We provide free in-home consultations so we can understand your concerns of cold and damp areas.  We ensure you have the correct amount of panels to heat your  square footage.

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